How I Love Saturdays


I truly love Saturday mornings.  The quite in the house.  Knowing the boys are snoozing and not having to jump up and rush off to school.  Wondering what the day will bring.  With our house, it changes minute to minute.  I have adapted to that over the years, but Leon still struggles.  However, he has come a long way from the early days!  One thing for sure, I am getting my hair cut today.  I am sooo overdue and my hair is so shaggy!

So, I did something at the Mad that I have not done in my three years of working there…….. I dropped my diet coke!  Yes, it ruined paper and made a terrible mess on the carpet.  What a goof I am!  And what made matters even worse, I did not have any more diet coke!  Woe is me……

I might scrap at the KC Library Admin today with the girls.  Not sure.  I might need a break from paper, ribbon……yea right.

So this is a picture of my album from Thursday night class at the Mad.  Fun group of ladies.

I love these little birdhouses!  Wish I had the new bird punch I ordered from Diane.  I would have added a cute bird sitting on the brown flower.

I dont think today it going to be as pretty and warm as yesterday but the birds outside are sure enjoying the morning.  If the wind would blow a little to sound my wind chimes…… life would be complete.


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